Restore Pack - Bio Balance Media and Bio Balance Foliar

Bio Balance Media and Bio Balance Foliar are go to items for all growers who suffer from a wide variety of common problems: compaction, acidification, alkalinity, nutrient availability/ uptake/ lock out, pH instability, nutrient leaching, oxygentation, stress.

"Life is a delicate balancing act of positive and negative charge - All elements on earth have a charge, a certain electrical balance of positive or negative and over many millions of years, nature has kept this balance in check. More recently in human evolution we have placed increasing demands on nature to maintain the equilibrium of charge. Each time our plants feed, or we add food to our media, this earth charge shifts and sometimes our innocent, yet poor practices, prevent nature from being able to recover balance without drastic change. This often hidden or little understood force has a significant impact on our plants and so all human and environmental health. Developing natural ways to limit the human stress effect has always been a motivator for us" - Andrew Dominic - CTO Better Organix

Knowing that Soil Organic Matter has a small negative charge can help us address some of the common issues surrounding the growing of plants. Typical plant feeds, alongside environmental factors and other growing practices, can easily put a strain on the charge of soil particles, which then forms the foundation of a season and beyond of growing headaches.

At Better Organix, we have again looked to nature for guidance on how systems are kept in balance and we find an answer in humates and organic acids. Soils and or media devoid of humic content, are unable to buffer free radicals and so overtime, these ions build up in media profiles, ultimately changing the energy and structure of the media particles and so the levels and types of compounds in our plants.  You can learn more about this subject via our blog updates.

Both Bio Balance Media and Bio Balance Foliar can be used as a drench and or foliar leaf spray, alone or in combination with other plant feeds. Both restore natural soil and plant charge by acting as acceptors or donors of free electrons, preventing the accumulation of H+ and OH- ions and helping maintain plant/ media life equilibrium.

Can be applied weekly and can be added as part of existing nutrient programs, both inorganic and organic. Both Bio Balance products work in harmony with all Better Organix microbes and beneficial organisms.

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