Bio Pro Pack - including Bio media pro and Root better

Better Organix Bio Pro Pack is for all environmentally conscious horticulturists and growers of all levels. It is the perfect blend of nature and organic science, enabling growers to reduce nutrients inputs across growing cycles, without compromising yield or quality of your crops. The powerful biology in both Bio Media Pro and Root Better restores balance to growing systems, improving the health and vitality of our plants by forming symbiotic relationships to provide a constant access to plant ready nutrients, cycled from both organic matter, and any liquid or added fertilisers.

Packaged to be easy to use and catering for the broadest range of plants, Bio Media Pro is used to kick start your media with a balance of active microbes and beneficial trichoderma ahead of planting or during the growing cycle. It is applied as a drench or as part of a tea regime. Adding Bio Media Pro ensures a greater level of success, mobilising plant ready nutrients, preventing nutrient leaching and the related environmental consequences of this. Further, the biology in Bio Media Pro, help protect our plants from pathogens, plant stress factors such as heat and drought, and prevent the uptake of toxins.

Root Better is a direct Mycorrhizal and Root Bacteria treatment for seeds, and transplants. It can be applied directly to root balls, dusted lightly as a one off treatment reducing transplant shock by protecting delicate plant root systems, or it can be added to seed soaks or simply with seeds at the time of planting. Microbes in Root Better are known to antagonise seed casings, leading to faster and more robust germination. It can also be added to media to increase plant access to nutrients such a Phosphorous at any stage during the growing cycle. Mycorrhizal fungi are suitable for lots of plant types from Short Day crops to Shrubs and Trees, but there are some erracious plants and brassicas that do not form such co-operative relationships, however, the beneficial bacteria, also included with the Mycorrhiza's do have a profound effect on all plant health.

Bio-Media Pro

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