Better Organix Nano Breathe & Bio Hydrate offers a direct boost to carbon dioxide intake

Sustainable and easy to apply foliar spray, Nano Breathe increases your plants ability to process more light and so deliver increased yield and results. Nano Breathe can enable a greater use of your electricity watts indoors, while also being the only realistic way to increase CO2 levels for your outdoor plants. To ensure you get the very best coverage and so impact from Nano Breathe, we have bundled our cutting edge Bio Hydrate wetter as a single offering.

Bio Hydrate will ensure total and uniform coverage of Nano Breathe and any other foliar applied product you use. Unlike other wetting agents, Bio Hydrate is microbe friendly and so can be used in organic or mineral systems, covering all growing styles from soil, soil-less and full hydroponics. 

Nano Breathe and Bio Hydrate are complementary products to really lift the performance of your plants'. Further, Bio Hydrate can be applied as part of your irrigation schedule and is perfect for hydrophobic media, and for reducing overall water use.

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