About Us

At "Better Organix" we have blended many years of experience, a mass of human knowledge regarding plant and soil studies, in-house scientific testing and natural field scale observations to deliver a specialised range of 100% organic/veganic products that support long term soil and plant health.

Simply put, our mission is to:

  • Improve the quality of the food stuffs we grow to eat
  • Deliver consistent and abundant harvests
  • Increase the perfume and quality of the flowers we cultivate
  • Improve our plants resistance to pathogens
  • Limit human impact on soils, nature and the environment
  • Restore soil food webs and soil health

The Better Organix team have genuine hands on experience with growing on all levels. Our team is based on a working farm and we all love to “grow our own” in our home gardens too. We think this means you will find us able to help you whatever your plot size or skill level.

Our team is always available to answer any questions about our products and organic methods. Feel free to contact us.

Our Products:

Our range of products are organic/veganic and based on careful, rigorous selection and production processes. Importantly, we carry the organic ethos across all aspects of our business and our farm sites, production and packaging areas are Carbon Neutral.

We started out as a group by addressing some of the problems we as gardeners/horticulturalists all encounter. How to increase soil fertility to ensure continuous growing with a predictable output, when we have limited and fixed growing spaces in our back yards? Let’s face it, most of us don’t live on acres, we typically have small plots that we might give over to food or flower production and so we wanted to work on a solution that would ensure our limited spaces remain productive, and free of problems for a life time.

We pooled all of our combined gardening skill and knowledge gained over many years of hands on experience observing and interacting with nature. We compiled a mass of research on soil health, and plant biology, and driven by a desire to reduce chemical inputs, we designed a range of organic and veganic products that work perfectly as standalone solutions, but when combined have proven to be a powerful, clean and balanced organic system that delivers everything our plants need across their life cycle, abundant harvests, healthy, vigorous growth, nutrient dense food and nose filling perfumes from our flora, while protecting the all-important soil.

We have spent time isolating both beneficial plant accumulators, natural plant stimulators and environmental borne organisms which all work together to give you the gardener the very best natural chance of getting the plants you've always wanted.

We ensure our products are produced ethically and in keeping with the organic ethos. Most of our products are produced from plant derived matter so they qualify as 100% vegan. We test the heck out of our products so we are confident they deliver. We produce most of our range in house, on our Carbon Neutral farms and labs. In some rare instances, and where this makes sense, we source some ingredients via our close network of like-minded organic partners. 

Our packaging and the related materials are sourced locally and from recycled or biodegradable materials wherever possible.

To help you get going on your organic/vegan journey, you can find out more about our products and starter packs or if you have questions you can always drop us an email.