Lawns. A Decision to Make

Fungal dominance is the key to growing healthy perennials such as many common lawn grasses. Ratios of between 1-1.5 Fungus to 1 Bacteria are a sound basis for a healthy lawn. 


Here in the UK, many peoples’ back or front lawns sit on a tiny slither of top soil, added by new home builders after first using the space to dump many tonnes of house building related rubble, bricks, plastics, metals and even old shoes etc.  I am not sure this practice continues but I suspect it does. All of the afore mentioned items, have been found in my small back yard anytime I dig the ground.


Couple this poor soil with repeated use of heavy construction vehicles compacting, the entire area and it becomes ‘caked & baked’ to cause problems for anyone wanting a real lawn.


Plastic lawns that I see popping up everywhere will further add to flooding pressures in any area, there can be no doubt. If you know someone, that is considering a plastic lawn, perhaps remind them of the destruction caused by flooding and ask how water might drain through plastic and safely away into the soil, ask them if they are happy flooding homes downstream? 

Perhaps offer to mow the lawn for those that struggle themselves. Helping a less capable neighbour means, we are working to maintain the fabric that makes us human as well as protecting the sustainability of the land. This small token itself will help us repair the damage done to our souls by constant self-indulgent consumerism, which sets us against each other, allows us to make ill-conceived choices like buying plastic grass as if it’s the saviour of our time. 


From annoyances like poor plant development and growth, intensive labour when any planting is required, a lack of healthy water distribution & countless unwanted plants, to the more severe flooding and the related pollution it brings, it's us that have to act to fix things if we don't want problems ourselves. 


The only way to prevent the ingredients homeowners are left with, becoming a problem by uncaring homebuilders, is to pick up the tools and ideas ourselves. Only we can protect our communities through local efforts. Each one of us that adds soil organic matter to our sparse top soils, anyone that removes the debris preventing water drainage, anyone, that plants living biology is really making a difference and is a real hero to us here at BOX.


For all of you interested in helping your local environment, BOX provides a range of easy to apply soil amendments to help reduce compaction, reintroduce biology, increase Oxygen and improve water drainage to help reduce mass flooding and the problems that come with these events.

Living soil systems can absorb many times their own weight in water. Further, the active systems hold and return the water to our plants over time, reducing our need to irrigate our systems, saving vital tap water for drinking, keeping plants healthy and decreasing the effort of keeping our plants hydrated, by hand.


Fungus like Mycorrhizas seen here added via treatments of Root Better & Bio Thatch Eater Pro, are a critical factor in a healthy soil system which itself has a myriad of benefits, not least the limiting of mass flooding events.


Adding fungal teas and Humates such as Bio-Balance Media across the growing season will improve the sustainability of our lawn systems and more. Talk to us here if you have questions, we'd be happy to talk about your lawns or indeed any growing areas you may have.


Happy growing