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When Whitefly Comes Calling, One Man Gets Busy


  • “Oh and F.Y.I....

I might well have cracked it mate, fingers crossed at least. I’ve been sat here all morning, not one butterfly dares to land on my Broccoli, any that have, quickly lift off again without leaving any eggs.

I sprayed it last night with a blend of balanced fungi & bacteria, Bio-Media Pro, Nano Breathe, Bio-Balance Foliar and Bio Hydrate, so now it’s time to wait & see, I can’t see any Whitefly on the plants. I have been right over them all, I still have residual damage but I will see it stops here. Nothing is landing on the cabbages or cauliflower either. ;-)

I am going out shortly so will check when we get back. This gives nature a free hand to roam and time to lay eggs etc.

Time will let me know now.”

  • “That’s number 50 it did a thorough fly by but decided to land elsewhere. I set a target to wait and count numbers to see if I had any luck with my new treatment and it seems to be working. They are desperate to land, the odd one that does, lifts off before laying eggs. This is exactly what I wanted to see. I am overjoyed, LOL”

  • "So let’s talk about dull leaf success. What does that mean? 


    Well before today, each morning I woke to see my poor Broccoli plant looking all shiny from damage committed by Whitefly.

    Anyway, fed up with the results of this pest I vowed to develop my own bio control so that I could rid the plant of its host pest, allowing it to better reach its’ potential, unmolested by leaf bitters.

     The results are far better and more comprehensive than I might have hoped. The Whitefly is gone. They have moved on between applications of our new Bio Control Organic Pest system, also the Caterpillars are gone and indeed any of the gnats that have also been spending a good deal of time around the plants. 

    The plant itself looks great. The leaves are noticeably thicker and the plant is a better overall shade of green.

     This is ongoing research and so I shall update on application rates and frequency and on when we might see this product on general release.

     In a controlled side by side, test against Bayer Provado, the Bayer treated plant is near death in comparison to the Better Organix naturally treated sample. Further proving we have zero need for harsh chemicals like Ultimate Bug Killer. I want to stress, this test was performed under strictly controlled conditions, so as, to limit the obvious risk when testing the safety of our natural product system, against this particular Bayer horror show of a product, which it simply isn't, even the packet pretty much says so.

     Why do the test? Simply to prove biological solutions are always a more rounded option. It is worth noting the Provado treated plants still have Whitefly. This material shall be incinerated at the end of the test and any remains disposed of, as if handling toxic chemical weapons, which of course when it comes to Bayer, I shall be.


    Moral, do not use Ultimate Bug killer, it does not work on the target pests like Whitefly, if you go by the instructions. You need to use unsafe levels to control a pest like Whitefly. It does also kill a wide range of beneficial life, no question.


    It is always safer to ask us at BOX for advice on how to control pests safely and naturally."

  •  Happy Growing