Updates from the Cutting Edge......An Introduction

In effort to demonstrate what drives the Better Organix team forward & underpins every decision we make as a team, we have begun this section Updates from the Cutting Edge……. Here you can find information about our ongoing development & exploration.

An adequate & balanced supply of elements necessary to life, provided through the ecological processes of nutrient cycling, underpins all ecosystem services.

Every minute we lose the equivalent of 30 football pitches of fertile soil, 95% of our food comes from the soil.

Human actions, many associated with agriculture, have increased the “leakiness” of ecosystems with respect to nutrients. Tillage often damages soil structure & pesticides decrease the number of useful non-target organisms, increasing nutrient leaching. Simplification of the land & destruction of riparian forests, wetlands & estuaries, often in pursuit of profit, allow unbuffered flows of nutrients between terrestrial & aquatic ecosystems. Specific forms of biodiversity are critical to the performance of buffering mechanisms that ensure the efficient use & cycling of nutrients in ecosystems.